Tourist Places in Kullu

Tourist Places in Kullu

The nature of Kullu surrounding landscape dotted with sweeping vistas of the mountains, green terraced hills, deodar forest and blooming orchards this hill station of Himachal Pradesh the so called Kullu town is touted as the veritable heaven on earth. And so there are numerous natural sites to see and numerous more other tourist delights to see and do here in this hill station. There are the splendored wide open areas suitable picnic spots, excursion area of both habited and inhabited sites but are equally beautiful and attractive with unspoiled pure nature travelers take rest and relax during vacations especially the season of summer and winter break where children, students and office goers too take chance of the extreme climate during this season.

Again, December and January being the festive season of Christmas and New Year people intent to go out for outing and trips to some picturesque to spend their spare time and relaxing and enjoying life. And so places like Kullu as the environment and nature of the place are seductive enough they become the center of attraction for vacation purpose to go for tour and trip in India.

The places like Kullu, Manali, and Shimla are favored by most of the tourist during summer time. One of the main reasons is to escape from the heat of the metropolitan city life and another reason is that as these sites are beautiful, attractive and offer numerous sporting activities vacationer’s intent to come here to spend their leisure spare time happily. Thus Himachal Pradesh is known to be the home of the summer hubs of India as most of the summer holiday niche hot spot are located in this state.

Even during winter you will find these sites are all crowded with tourist coming from different parts of the world with the same aim to take pleasure in the extreme challenging sports. People nowadays trying to satisfy their curiosity of nature have become more and more bold and love to take up challenging things of life. Nowadays, people take pleasure in taking up frisky adventure.

So, for them tourist places in Kullu such as Manikaran, Deo Tibba, Katrain, Shoja have become their delight as they are situated at the great height almost all above 1,700 meter above the sea level have offered them a great chance to relish their enthusiasm. There are still more many sites that offer breathtaking scenic view after taking up daring activity like trekking and mountain climbing. Not only are these there also sites that offer ample of other entertainment funs options both daring and mild fun activities. Paragliding, skiing and jeep safari are also among the popular activities possible for all categories of tourist and you can always look for alternative options here for adventure activity.

Again one thing that you should not miss out is to go for sightseeing. If you take up sightseeing activity you will be able to capture a good number of temples, palaces and churches. There are also ancient forts and lively monasteries here and there. Capture them with your little digital camera and take home with you unforgettable galleries of images and memories with you.

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